Monday, January 28, 2019

Behind the headlines

Documentary reveals 
singer’s troubled life

By David Baker
I was with Alison when she recorded her contribution to the documentary.
What is notable to me is what was not said. First, that Mariah for several years has had no contact with either brother Morgan or sister Alison - even after Alison received life-changing brain damage from an assault in her home. Living in what the program calls ‘a bubble” Mariah has simply cut her siblings out of her life.
Second, there was no mention of the unspeakable abuse inflicted on Alison as a small child when she was forced by her mother to watch and later participate in middle-of-the-night satanic rituals. This, more than all of the racist turmoil depicted in the documentary, is the cause of Alison’s troubled life. 
Whether Mariah was also subjected to the same horrific abuse is unknown. But even if she was spared, she has to have some idea of what was going on in that home.  She has even made what appeared to be a reference to it, in one interview several years ago briefly mentioning things that happened when she was a child that she couldn't talk about.

Obviously there is a limit on how much detail could be included in the documentary. But a mention of the details outlined here would have added a significant dimension to this portrait of an immensely talented but deeply troubled woman.
“Mariah: The Diva: The Demons. The Drama” ITV.  90 minutes. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018